Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

HHS band receives a boost

Harvard High School received a new sound system in November, and students as well as Director of Bands Korey Coffer are very happy with the change.

Coffer said the old sound system had been in the band room for a long time and had a slew of problems. It also posed many safety concerns, so a new system was long overdue.

“The speakers were rattling and pieces were beginning to fall off them, which created a safety issue for students,” Coffer said. “The sound board was not responding as well as it should, and it no longer was compatible with some of the new software that we use on the computer.”

Coffer said the Harvard Education Foundation funded the cost of the recording device, and the Harvard Booster Club funded the rest of the equipment. The new-and-improved sound system includes microphones, cords for the mics, a hanging microphone stand, new speakers, wall mounts for the speakers and a new 16-track recording device.

He said he is especially pleased that the new sound system is a much safer system and will help students in a multitude of ways.

“The students can listen to music that we are doing in the class as well as listen to themselves play,” he said. “We use the recording device to record rehearsals so they can hear themselves and evaluate what they are doing well and what they still need to work on from an audience point of view.”

Coffer said students appreciate the new technology and the ability to hear what they sound like from the perspective of an audience. He said they also enjoy the quality of the sound and look forward to continuing to use the system in the future.

“I would just like to thank the Harvard Booster Club and the Harvard Education Foundation for their continued support and generosity in the purchase of this equipment,” he said. “The booster club has been very generous and supportive of the music department over the past years. I’m very thankful for everything that they do.”